Showing Up For Yourself

This phrase has been coming up over and over for me lately so I wanted to share it with you today.

It’s easy to get caught up in the struggle. Your boss needs this extra project done. Your kids need to be dropped off at their next practice. Your in-laws expect this. Your parents expect that.

The expectations and the demands never seem to end.

Pretty soon, you’re lost in the weeds and your own life starts to spiral down quickly. You’re skipping workouts, grabbing fast food because you “don’t have time” to find something healthy, don’t eat anything at all, and find that you’ve gone a week straight without 5 minutes to sit quietly and hear yourself think. You’ve placed yourself at the end of the priority list of “things to focus on” and it’s no wonder that your mental health and your physical health are starting to suffer.

None of it will matter if you don’t make yourself a priority and show up for yourself first! I’m going to write that again on a separate line just to drive the point home.

Show up for yourself first.

Wake up 30 minutes earlier to go for a walk outside and listen to the birds. Take the time to get that workout in. Block it off on your calendar. Give yourself that extra 15 minutes to make an awesome meal.

It might sound indulgent or selfish or you really might not have the time – but you have to do it. Because if you keep going without ever focusing on yourself, you’ll eventually crash. And when you do – it will be hard and it will be ugly.

Show up for yourself.

So that’s today message: give yourself permission to take care of yourself and THEN worry about the rest of the world. It will still be there when you look up from your 5-minute meditation. I promise.

To your health,




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